Surface Finishes

The final appearance of anodised material depends on the anodising process itself, on the type of pre-treatment applied, as well as the choice of alloy, and the condition of the metal. The selection of pre-treament and the care with which it is carried out are important quality factors. Owen Coyle (Anodising) Ltd offers a range of finishes and prides itself on its meticulous attention to quality control at all stages.

Chemical Finishes

This finish is applied after mechanical treatment and before anodising.

Etched - This matt (satin) finish is produced by immersion in a hot alkaline solution. It should be noted that deep die lines and scratches cannot be removed by this process. This treatment increases the durability of the aluminium and the thicker the film thickness the better, especially for external use

Anodised Signs Anodised Signs
Anodised Signs

Chemically Brightened - A bright, specular finish usually applied to pre-polished material. It is particularly suitable for bright trim and reflectors. In a natural finish it can appear very similar to chrome, and in dyed gold, a similar finish to polished brass. This is achieved by immersion in a concentrated acid solution. In order to achieve a bright, reflective finish - the following points should be remembered.

  1. The choice of alloy is vital. For extrusions, 6063 and 6463 are recommended.
  2. Always use mill finish and not stripped metal.
  3. Film thickness greater than AA10 will seriously dull the finish.
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