Hi-Brite Polishing & Linishing Services

Hi-Brite Polishing is a recent acquisition for Owen Coyle (Anodising) Ltd which only further enhances our services and capabilities that we can offer to our customers. Hi-Brite Polishing offers polishing and linishing finishes that are applied prior to anodising to widen our range of finishes.

Polished - Buffing operations are carried out using either flat-bed machines or hand spindles. It should be remembered that polishing is unlikely to remove heavy die lines or scratches.

Linished/Ground - The metal is submitted to a series of operations in contact with abrasive belts varying in grit sizes. This process is applicable to flat faces only on extrusions.

Please note that Hi-Brite Polishing also offers polishing on stainless steel material. We can basically polish any material and any shaped metal items, with their access to manual and portable polishing devices. Please click here to see examples of material being polished.

Contact: George Youlton
Tel: 020 8561 5102

Polish & Chemically Brightened Silver

Office & Factory based at:
160, Clayton Road, Hayes,
Middlesex. UB3 1AN

Polished Hinges
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