Duracolor Range

At Owen Coyle Anodising Ltd  we offer a range of bronze colour and black under our umbrella trademark of our Duracolor* range.  This process is achieved by impregnating tin into the pores of the aluminium after anodising and before sealing.  This process offers excellent colour fastness and excellent durability if specified for external use.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee on any external coating i.e. to AA25 (25 microns).

There are other anodisers who use a different substance to obtain the colour of the bronze, which we believe also offers excellent colour fastness and durability. In terms of the process the only difference between the two is that we use tin in order to obtain the colour whereas other anodisers use alternative metals. There is no difference in colour fastness or durability.

Our Silver (natural) anodising plus our Duracolor range: Bronze No 1, No3, No 5, No 7, No 9 and Black

We have undertaken several large construction projects over the last few years using this process with excellent results.  If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate in contacting us on 020 8573 0184.

 * Duracolor is a trade name of Owen Coyle Anodising Ltd.