It is vitally important to order the correct alloy for chemically brightening in order to obtain a bright finish.

1) It is an essential part of the process to provide a firm clamp type electrical contact. These clamps leave a small area of the material with no anodic film. Usually such marks are limited to non-significant faces, but where all areas are significant clamping areas must be shown on dry, and reference made to this on the order.

2) Dyed and electrolytic colour finishes are subject to variation in production depending on certain criterion, making an absolute colour match impossible.  We can process sample pieces of your material in order to reach an agreeable top and bottom colour limit.

3) Variations from the quantities or lengths quoted may necessitate a price adjustment.

4)  The polishing price(s) quoted is/are given on the assumption that the material will be received by us in good condition free from scratches, abrasions, tool marks etc and that the standard of finish required is a good commercial quality.

5)  It is usual to make electrical contact marks at the end of the sheet which will reduce the effective length by 2″ and we suggest you make allowances for this when cutting material.

6) Quotations are subject to amendments should our interpretation of your enquiry be incorrect.